Welcome to our blog! I’m Darlene and my best friend is Sherry. We will both be posting here about some of the things we love most. We have many of the same interests including a love for books, needle crafts, journals, pens, coffee, tea, etc. We are aspiring writers, stretching our wings, hoping for helpful comments whether likes, or suggestions for future posts. Both of us are on a journey toward better nutrition and reinvigorated health. As much as we’re alike, Sherry is a meat eater and I eat primarily fruits and veggies. Our bodies react differently to the foods we eat so we adjust our diets accordingly. I live in Ohio, she’s in West Virginia. We’ve been emailing daily for many years and have a fondness for telling stories about our daily life. We feel as though we live next door to each other. I’m with her while she’s having coffee on her back porch, admiring her little vegetable garden and flowers. She’s with me as I sit in a comfortable spot, surrounded by stacks of books, sipping coffee or herb tea. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and again, welcome.